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was established in 1976. Ever since then the company expanded aggressively in magnetic business as the first company in Thailand who produces all kinds of magnetic related equipment, magnetic separator, lifting magnet, magnetic tool, magnetic toy, and magnetic raw materials. Most of our products are custom designed to meet our client's requirements. Our engineers have worked closely with customers to solve many of the world's toughest processing problems.

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• Service and Technical Support

Our engineers stand ready to provide the technical assistance in designing custom magnetic separator units to fit your requirements. The reasons for our success are our innovative solutions, reliable products, reasonable prices, excellent after sales service and warranty.

• Main Products

Magtoy (Magnetic Toy) - Magnetic Toy, Floating Magnetic Display, Gift, Premium Magnet, Floating Product in the air with magnetic power.

Magnet (Permanent Magnet) - All kinds of permanent magnets such as NdFeB magnet (Neodymium magnet), Ferrite magnet (Ceramic Magnet), SmCo magnet, AlNiCo magnet, and flexible magnets.

Lifting (Lifting Magnet) - All kinds of electro lifting magnets and permanent lifting magnets for lifting and transporting steel scrap, ingot, billets, steel plate, steel coil, steel bars, steel beams, etc.

Wet Separator (Magnetic Separator for Wet Application) - All kinds of electro magnetic separators and permanent magnetic separators for wet application including magnetic traps, magnetic filters, wet drum separators, etc.

Dry Separator (Magnetic Separator for Dry Application) - All kinds of electro magnetic separators and permanent magnetic separators for dry application including magnetic bar, suspended plate magnet, magnetic pulley, eddy current separator, tube magnet, grid magnet, etc.

Magtool (Magnetic Tool) - All kinds of electro and permanent magnetic tools for handling, holding, sweeping steel items. Including Metal Detectors and tools for testing magnetic flux & magnetic pole.

• Quality

ICELANDIC holds number of product patents, certifications and innovative technical achievements. We dedicate ourselves to meet with customers' requirements and always improve our technogy.

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